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AI domain names are highly favored, and Apple buys the "iWork. ai" domain name

Release Time:2024-02-23  Views:932

Recently, Apple acquired the domain name "iWork. ai". IWork is a professional copywriting software package under the macOS operating system on Apple computers, which includes a set of operating system applications such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. It has been used in the Apple brand for nearly 20 years. Apple has numerous website domains and has now added, which may indicate that Apple plans to highlight artificial intelligence features in its application suite.

In addition to Apple, Google has also recently made acquisitions of domain names in the AI arena. According to foreign sources, Google spent $300000 to purchase the domain name in January 2024. On December 14, 2023, Google announced the launch of Duet AI for Developers, an AI tool aimed at enhancing developer capabilities and providing assistance in secure operations. This domain name undoubtedly matches Google's artificial intelligence tool "Duet AI".

In the past year, with the AI chatbot ChatGPT developed by OpenAI becoming popular worldwide, world-renowned enterprises have also ventured into the field of artificial intelligence, laying out related domain names in the AI field, attempting to occupy a favorable position in this intangible race. The demand for AI related domain names is rapidly increasing, and more and more AI related websites are starting to enter the public eye. Let's take a look at what they are:
As a pioneer in artificial intelligence, Google launched the chatbot Bard in March 2023 and the Gemini model and Duet AI tool in December to benchmark against ChatGPT. At present, is mainly used for Google's artificial intelligence projects, with the goal of bringing beneficial AI related innovations to users, benefiting humanity and society.

XAI is an artificial intelligence startup under Elon Musk, with the mission of "understanding the true essence of the universe". Currently, xAI has released its first AI big model product, Grok.

Microsoft. ai
Microsoft. ai is specifically designed for Microsoft's artificial intelligence projects. The website mainly introduces Microsoft's research and development achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as provides solutions and applications related to artificial intelligence.

Huawei. ai
Currently, clicking on this domain name will redirect you to - Huawei's official website. As a Chinese enterprise with strong technological strength and innovation capabilities, Huawei has also been deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence, launching the Ascend AI series chips, Huawei Cloud Pangu large model, etc., which shows that Huawei has undeniable advantages and achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. I don't know if this domain name will be used as a dedicated website for artificial intelligence projects in the future.

Currently, artificial intelligence technology is increasingly penetrating various industries, and the domain name market has also sparked a wave of AI domain name registration and trading. For enterprises, the research and development of AI intelligent technology requires a large amount of capital investment, and they may not be able to immediately carry out related businesses. Having an AI related domain name is a preparation for entering the AI field, which may bring more opportunities and value for subsequent business market promotion.

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