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How to prevent attacks on servers on a daily basis?

Updated Time:2024-01-24  Views:8697

If our servers are attacked, it will certainly affect the daily operations and business development of the company, thereby threatening the interests of both merchants and users. So, how can users prevent their websites from being attacked?

1、It is recommended to choose a complex password for server management to ensure stronger security. Therefore, it is advised that the password includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and various punctuation marks.

2、Periodically analyze system logs to detect any unusual activity.

3、Exercise caution with ports and applications that lack security safeguards; be selective about which ones are open.

4、When using shared software, be extra cautious. Generally, the security performance of free shared software is relatively lower. If it must be used, ensure that it is secure to avoid serious consequences.

5、Perform regular data backups. This is crucial because in the event of a server attack, it allows for the quickest possible reduction of losses and facilitates the rapid recovery of the system and data.

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